Our Tale

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Andreas and Renée Typaldos introduce Merakia, a restaurant celebrating the Greek MountainThief's style of cooking, named for the word that modern Greeks use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, and love.


Greek MountainThief refers to Greek bands of mountain highwaymen ("Klephts," meaning thieves) and irregular militia ("Armatoloi") who were the revolutionary backbone of the Greek War of Independence of 1821. When fighting the Ottomans in the mountainous terrain, these MountainThieves would feed themselves by stealing sheep and other livestock grazing on the mountains and cooking them on a makeshift spit.


On the important flip side of our concept is a reflection on Andreas’ journey to America where he became enamored with steak, Coca Cola—and wife of 50 years, Renee.  He always loved and always wanted to own a bonafide and top draw steak house so here it is.  Merakia Greek MountainThief Spithouse and Steak.